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Modern Work Space

Advisory Services

Thriving in today's competitive business and talent marketplace requires leaders to be aligned around mission, vision and strategy. Or else, execution is merely a hope. Gone are the days of mindsets, programs, policies and practices that derail equity, deter diversity and defeat inclusion. 


hyrUP clients develop shared purpose. They become trust leaders, tackling the most pressing workplace and workforce challenges thoughtfully, authentically and with transparency. The result? An engaged workforce that executes and a workplace that inspires innovation.


Isn't it time we start creating new spaces, better spaces, for everyone? The future of work is now. Experiencing equality is possible.

People Strategy & Workforce Optimization

Partnering thoughtfully with our clients, we design and implement the strategy, framework and ongoing discipline that ensures teams work collaboratively, authentically and with shared consciousness toward a common goal. We develop equitable practices and programs that enable individuals to achieve outcomes that drive the company forward while simultaneously empowering them to reach their full potential.

  • Business Strategy and People Strategy Alignment

  • Talent Acquisition and Employer Value Prop Strategy

  • Change Sponsorship

  • Leadership Transformation and Development

  • Employee Engagement Surveys

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our experience is deep and well respected. We provide clients with the subject matter expertise, education, and strategic insight to transform, promote awareness and nurture mutual respect in the workplace. Our experiential learning and restorative dialogue programs empower people to explore perceptions and beliefs, remove barriers to progress and accelerate personal and organizational growth and change.

  • Equity Strategy

  • Organizational Culture Audits

  • Experiential Learning

  • Restorative Dialogue

  • Emotional Literacy and Inclusive Leadership Training

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